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Governor's Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in STEM Education


School Year 2019-20

School Year 2018-19

School Year 2017-18

School Year 2016-17

School Year 2015-16 

School Year 2014-15

School Year 2013-14

School Year 2012-13

School Year 2011-12

School Year 2010-11


We have received exciting news that our school has received the Governors Award for Excellence in STEM Education for the tenth year in a row!  First established under Gov. Celeste's Administration in 1985, the program of Governor's THOMAS EDISON Awards for Excellence in Student Research and STEM Education, recognizes schools and teachers who stimulate student scientific research and technological design and extend STEM education opportunities beyond traditional classroom activities. 


Bishop Leibold's approach is STEM for all. Each grade level engages students in the real world applications of math and science through team designs and problem-solving.  As one of the judges stated, "Bishop Leibold's STEM program is very well formed. They provide many opportunities for their students in all judged areas."    


"Our school is continually working to incorporate cross-curricular instruction. We are recognized for this award due to the fact that all of our teachers collaborate to provide our students with 21st-century skills" said Beth Allaire, STEM Coordinator for BLS.


We thank all of our teachers that worked very hard to make this happen. This was truly a team effort. We are proud of our STEM program and the amazing things that it is doing for our students. 

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