Investing in a Catholic education for your child is an important financial decision for your family. On this page, we offer tuition information and describe our tuition and financing options.

What benefits will my child receive from an education at Bishop Leibold?

  • Spiritual and academic development: a faith-based education centered on learning and living the teachings of the Catholic Church.

  • The lifetime lessons of responsibility and self-motivation learned in a disciplined environment.

  • Excellent academic preparation for the next steps in their life.

  • Learning in an atmosphere where personal academic achievement is valued and accepted by their peers.

  • Membership in a family of dedicated students, committed faculty and staff, involved parents, and clergy bound by common goals and aspirations.

Tuition 2021-2022

*For half day Kindergarten and multi-day preschool/PK tuition rates, please reach out to our school office. 

 Payment Options Are Available to You

We offer multiple payment plans administered through FACTS. The options do have a small percentage charge for administrative costs to manage the plans.

Enrollment fees for using FACTS:

Please note FACTS will bill families for the enrollment fee, but this enrollment fee is not included in total tuition in calculating the finance service fee. If an enrollment fee is due, the amount of the fee is indicated when setting up your FACTS agreement. If applicable, the nonrefundable FACTS enrollment fee will be automatically processed within 14 days of the agreement being posted to the FACTS system.  Bishop Leibold will finalize payment plans during the month of April.


Payment in full - no FACTS fee or Service Charge

Semi Annual Two Payments - $20 FACTS Fee no Service Charge

Quarterly Payment Plan - $45 FACTS Fee + 1.5% service fee

Monthly Plan - $45 FACTS Fee + 2.3% service fee


Do You Have Concerns About Affording a Leibold Education or Do You Still Have Questions?

Please do not rule out Bishop Leibold for your child based on finances before you speak to us. We do care about your financial concerns and hope you will contact us to discuss options. Please call our Marketing and Enrollment Manager, at either campus number, and she will be happy to speak with you.