Welcome! On this page, you will find a virtual tour of our buildings, a typical daily schedule for a primary student and a junior high student, and some additional ways to reach out to get more information! 

A Typical Day 

Preschool Student

Kindergarten Student

Seventh Grade Student

8:00-8:35            Sign In/ Free play

8:35-9:00            Whole group/ Circle                                           time

9:00-9:15            Bathroom

9:15-10:00          Learning Centers

10:00-10:15        Snack 

10:15-10:25        Read aloud

10:25-11:00        Outside time/ AM                                               dismissal

11:15-11:45        Lunch/ restroom

12:00-1:30          Nap/ Rest

12:15-12:25        Bathroom

1:30- 2:05           Outside greenspace

2:00-2:10            Bathroom

2:10-2:30            Snack

2:30-3:00            Story, gather materials

8:00-8:30                   Check In &                                                       Morning Work

8:30-8:45                   Circle Time 

9:00-9:15                   Reading

9:15-9:30                   Snack 

9:30-10:30                 Reading Groups/                                            Centers/iReady

10:30- 11:00              Math 

11:00-11:15               Quiet Reading 

11:15-12:30               Lunch/ Recess

12:30-1:00                 Yoga

1:00-1:30                    Religion

1:30- 2:05                   Art

2:05-2:10                    Writing

2:10-2:40                    Outside Time

2:40-3:00                    Pack Up

8:00-8:15                    Homeroom

8:15-9:00                    STEM

9:00-9:45                    Math

9:45-10:30                  English

10:30-11:15                Spanish 

11:15-12:00                Reading

12:00-12:40                Lunch & Recess

12:40-1:25                  Social Studies

1:25-2:10                    Religion

2:10-2:55                    Health

2:10-2:55                    Science

2:55-3:00                    Homeroom &                                           Dismissal

When you join the Bishop Leibold Family, you join a community of nearly 400 students and their families, a caring and professional staff, and two parishes dedicated to providing your child with an excellent education in a Christ-centered school. We educate students from Springboro, Miamisburg, Centerville, West Carrollton and all surrounding communities. We teach Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten (Half-Day and Full-Day) through Eighth Grade. Preschool through Grade 3 is taught at our West Campus at Our Lady of Good Hope Parish, and Grades 4-8 at the East Campus at St. Henry Parish.

We invite you to Inquire Online. Although our website may answer many questions, we understand there may be unanswered or individual concerns. Please allow us to help you get answers by sending us a message. 

Another great way to understand our school is to come visit us!  Just call one of our school offices and ask to set up a tour! We will work with you to you determine a good time to come in and take a look around Bishop Leibold.

  • A visit typically involves touring our facilities, spending some time observing our students and teachers in the classroom, and meeting with an administrator to address your questions. We encourage you to jot down questions you might have prior to or during the tour so they may be addressed. Each student and family is unique, and we hope you will bring your questions or concerns so we may help you get the information you need.

  • We love it when you bring your student with you to see our school! In fact, for older students who desire the option, we recommend a "shadowing day", when your child can attend classes with their grade group, meet the other students and the teachers, and get an idea of what a school day is like at BLS.

  • We also urge you to spend some time visiting any other educational options you may be considering for your child. Visiting during a school day to observe the students and teachers, and having your questions answered is one of the best ways to gather information for your important decision.