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About Our STEM Program


Our STEM program focuses on hands-on learning in order to have students acclimate to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and at a young age.   At Bishop Leibold, we believe that a strongly rooted STEM education will encourage those interested in the field to pursue it later in life; however, it will also set the students up for success in later educational endeavors down the line no matter what their interests are.  We do offer music and art too so that we may encourage all kinds of learning.  But the creative process is just as important in both.  We want your child to begin to think creatively to become a future problem solver.


We believe we can help give your child this well-rounded education.  

Our school has received The Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for the fourth year in a row.  Bishop Leibold is the only elementary school in Dayton, Ohio to receive the award and we had 14 teachers recognized for the award as well.  We are one of 57 schools [high schools and grade schools] across Ohio to be receiving this award.  The Edison Award is awarded to, “Schools and teachers that…strive to provide their students with hands-on education opportunities,” said Stephen McConoughey, Ph.D., the Academy's CEO. “Science is a subject that is best learned by doing. These schools and their teachers are finding new, creative ways to engage the students above and beyond the traditional methods. The students will benefit from these experiences as teachers continue to develop our next generation of scientists for Ohio and the country...”


Bishop Leibold is proud to have received recognition for our efforts in the STEM field.  At BLS we aim to provide children with a well-rounded educational experience.  We strive to keep our methodologies, teaching, and technology relevant so we can continue to provide meaningful and current education to our students. Congratulations to our teachers and staff for receiving this recognition.

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