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Please find the Student Dress Code here.


BLS Uniform Exchange


The uniform exchange is a great way to outfit your children in BLS school uniforms without spending a penny. The uniform exchange committee accepts donations of gently-used uniforms throughout the year. 

The Uniform Exchange is open at East Campus once a month during the school year (first Friday, or second if school is closed on the first). We also have a Uniform Exchange in August before school begins.

The Exchange is staffed by volunteers to accept, sort, organize and distribute uniforms. During these times, parents and students can take home whatever uniform items they find at no charge, and bring in items to donate throughout the year.

If you are unable to get to East Campus on these days or at these times, you can use our “order” system. Please feel free to email Kathy Kargl, post on the BLS Family Facebook Page, with the sizes, your student’s name, and teacher’s name. A volunteer will gather the available items and have them ready to send home with the student unless otherwise indicated.



Land's End

View the ordering website.


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